Speakeasy Flask

No means yes, yes means anal

kupkake: http://www.queerty.com/native-american-tribe-approves-same-sex-marriages-white-man-still-the-devil-20110802/
ldaelnar: kyle has a gay agenda.
kupkake: I wouldn't say that.. I would say that my agenda is mostly gay action items though
ldaelnar: XD
ldaelnar: poidh
kupkake: and by action items, I mean anal
ldaelnar: right
ldaelnar: & by poidh i mean send me pics.
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[Mabel] I have a customer calling on a failed port on Service Ticket 3391511, We need some interpretation on the notes. WHO can I call?
[lish] what do you need explained? it says they're working on it.
[zach] ghostbusters!
[lish] you can also join #vps
[zach] asking in here is a good start
[travis] Zach while the ghostbusters are incredibly useful to call. I don't think they apply in this case.
[Arthur] I think i would go with ghostbusters over vps
[zach] :?
[Mabel] ok folks, I just would like to tell him why it failed and if he needs to do anything else
[zach] failed?
[lish] mabel, they are working on it.
[zach] they are working on it
[lish] you see where it says "we will activate upon concurrence"?
[zach] so it says l3 tt update
[lish] that means they're working on it. it's not a failure.
[zach] that means its a ticket update with level 3 our vendor, christa said they will activate once they get concurrence
[zach] then at the bottom courtney, in #vps
[lish] hence the "asked for an ETA" that they noted.
[zach] asked for an ETA from christa
[lish] they will activate on concurrence.
[Arthur] ECHO
[zach] :)
[zach] its being worked Mabel, which is good
[zach] we shouldh ave some better infor tomorrow
[lish] it's being worked.
[jmuCH] now your all just being foolish :P
[zach] any other questions mabel?
[zach] i didnt mean to echo what lish was saying, great minds.. you know
[Mabel] I think its good
[zach] ok
[lish] concurrence!
[zach] indeed
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(no subject)

[lish] my question is why every online timesheet doesnt' have a "copy this day" button
[mika] I'm trying to tweak the form auto fill function in my browser to do it
[lish] mika's so clever
[lish] can't seem to rape that out of her
[jes] you really cant
[jes] the more you rape, the more clever she gets
[lish] that still serves my purposes
* lish eyes mika. "clever girl."
* mika eats a paleontologist
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(no subject)

<zachyuzer> time
<zachyuzer> douche
<zachyuzer> landlines
<zachyuzer> unreliable
<zachyuzer> asshole
<zachyuzer> taxes
<zachyuzer> those are my notes from this call
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From: Zach Y
Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2010 1:52 PM
To: Lish D
Subject: FW: Speakeasy / XO ticket 2187919 details


Zach Y
Advanced Voice Services

From: Carter G J [name@vendor.com]
Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2010 1:47 PM
To: Michael E; Zach Y
Subject: RE: Speakeasy / XO ticket 2187919 details

The Root cause of the issue was NOT the replacement of the Hatteras. There appears to have been a missing circuit in the Cisco 15454. One of my techs added this circuit back and changed the bridge group since another circuit had taken the assignments. We are not sure why this circuit went missing, but after we re-provisioned it back into the network, the service was restored.

Speakeasy Flask

Rave all over your face

[kupkake] untz untz untz
[Monkey] hardcore party?
[kupkake] it's always a hardcore party.. in my head
[Monkey] German Sparkle Party?
[kupkake] its not that I don't pay attention to people at work when they ask me something.. it's just that I can't hear them over the 24/7 rave going on in my head
[williamo] i's just rude when work trys to crash the rave
[kupkake] No kidding!
[kupkake] "I'm work, I'm with the DJ"
[kupkake] all lies
[williamo] god forbid they touch the turn tables. they just end up *sparkling* the bpm and crash the train
[kupkake] and they are way demanding.. "RAVE HARDER.. RAVE MORE EFFICIENTLY.. Quantify that rave"
[williamo] lol
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mika's first ticket!

Service Ticket 2214422 [Master ticket]

2008-05-28 11:16:46 - (mika)
Todd called in, his DSL doesn't work, I think it has something to do with sunspots. Will call him back when current sunspot cycle has completed.

ASG Representative

2008-05-28 11:26:46 - (mika)
I built a carbon fiber heat shielding unit for the probe I sent to the sun in order to disrupt the current sunspot cycle. Probe seems to have been successful, sunspots are disrupted and service seems to be restored. Future impact on seasons and crop rotations unsure.

Thank you,

ASG Representative


...on the support labs test account. :)