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[Mabel] I have a customer calling on a failed port on Service Ticket 3391511, We need some interpretation on the notes. WHO can I call?
[lish] what do you need explained? it says they're working on it.
[zach] ghostbusters!
[lish] you can also join #vps
[zach] asking in here is a good start
[travis] Zach while the ghostbusters are incredibly useful to call. I don't think they apply in this case.
[Arthur] I think i would go with ghostbusters over vps
[zach] :?
[Mabel] ok folks, I just would like to tell him why it failed and if he needs to do anything else
[zach] failed?
[lish] mabel, they are working on it.
[zach] they are working on it
[lish] you see where it says "we will activate upon concurrence"?
[zach] so it says l3 tt update
[lish] that means they're working on it. it's not a failure.
[zach] that means its a ticket update with level 3 our vendor, christa said they will activate once they get concurrence
[zach] then at the bottom courtney, in #vps
[lish] hence the "asked for an ETA" that they noted.
[zach] asked for an ETA from christa
[lish] they will activate on concurrence.
[Arthur] ECHO
[zach] :)
[zach] its being worked Mabel, which is good
[zach] we shouldh ave some better infor tomorrow
[lish] it's being worked.
[jmuCH] now your all just being foolish :P
[zach] any other questions mabel?
[zach] i didnt mean to echo what lish was saying, great minds.. you know
[Mabel] I think its good
[zach] ok
[lish] concurrence!
[zach] indeed
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