Cap'n KaMeN (kyleprime) wrote in speazy,
Cap'n KaMeN

Rave all over your face

[kupkake] untz untz untz
[Monkey] hardcore party?
[kupkake] it's always a hardcore party.. in my head
[Monkey] German Sparkle Party?
[kupkake] its not that I don't pay attention to people at work when they ask me something.. it's just that I can't hear them over the 24/7 rave going on in my head
[williamo] i's just rude when work trys to crash the rave
[kupkake] No kidding!
[kupkake] "I'm work, I'm with the DJ"
[kupkake] all lies
[williamo] god forbid they touch the turn tables. they just end up *sparkling* the bpm and crash the train
[kupkake] and they are way demanding.. "RAVE HARDER.. RAVE MORE EFFICIENTLY.. Quantify that rave"
[williamo] lol
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