Unlettered Ishmael (melvillean) wrote in speazy,
Unlettered Ishmael

From #abuse

(3:19:07 PM) gregorym: hey jarred could you look at ticket 313xxxx?
(3:19:30 PM) gregorym: pretty sure this guy is doing it wrong
(3:19:56 PM) jarred: looking
(3:19:58 PM) jarred: and yes most likely
(3:20:44 PM) jarred: whats the dslam look like
(3:20:53 PM) jarred: needs to call in to remove the lan and troubleshoot
(3:21:14 PM) gregorym: why is it coming from our alt DNS server?
(3:21:53 PM) jarred: my guess would be the customers got some program thats picked up on it
(3:25:15 PM) gregorym: i told him to tell him that it's coming from inside the LAN
(3:25:24 PM) jarred: heh
(3:27:51 PM) ***gregorym starts nmaping the customer
(3:28:02 PM) ***kupkake starts dossing the customer
(3:28:13 PM) ***mcnairan starts stalking the customer
(3:28:21 PM) ***kupkake starts touching the customer
(3:28:29 PM) ***mcnairan starts putting on his robe and wizard hat
(3:28:34 PM) ***jarred puts on his robe and wizard hat
(3:28:36 PM) jarred: fucker
(3:28:36 PM) jarred: hah
(3:28:37 PM) kupkake: hahahah
(3:30:31 PM) ***mcnairan stomps the ground, and snorts, to alert you that you are in his breeding territory
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